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Risky Foods, Safer Choices
13.46 USD
ISBN: 9780868405223

Risky Foods, Safer Choices confirms what many people may have suspected the incidence of food poisoning is on the rise. Triggering such public suspicions has been an ongoing procession...» more details

Men of Achievement
4.95 USD
ISBN: 9781582182407

In Men of Achievement Philip Hubert writes about the famous inventors Benjamin Franklin, Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, Elias Howe, Samuel Morse, Charles Goodyear, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, as well...» more details

Parallel Port Complete
31.95 USD
ISBN: 9780965081917

This detailed guide for programmers, developers, and computer enthusiasts shows how to get the most from parallel port in any application or project. The Visual Basic code and circuit designs include...» more details

Computational Dynamics
130.5 USD
ISBN: 9780471371441

A practical approach to the computational methods used to solve real world dynamics problems Computational dynamics has grown rapidly in recent years with the advent of high speed digital computers and...» more details

Extended Surface Heat Transfer
234 USD
ISBN: 9780471395508

A much needed reference focusing on the theory, design, and applications of a broad range of surface types. * Written by three of the best known experts in the field. *...» more details

Practical Environmental Forensics
157.5 USD
ISBN: 9780471353980

A comprehensive practical guide to environmental forensics With real world examples and advice on both scientific and legal issues, Practical Environmental Forensics stands on the front line of this new interdisciplinary...» more details

Delivering Internet Connections over Cable
39.5 USD
ISBN: 9780471389507

An inside look at high speed access written for the cable industry Cable modems have emerged as a leading consumer choice for high speed Internet access, outpacing alternatives such as digital...» more details

Horticultural Reviews
321.3 USD
ISBN: 9780471387893

Horticultural Reviews presents state of the art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables, nut crops,...» more details

GIS Data Sources
117 USD
ISBN: 9780471355052

Put the world of GIS data resources at your command GIS users routinely encounter key questions about the data needed for their projects: Where did the data come from? Is this...» more details

GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
43.99 USD
ISBN: 9780471414056

To ensure competitive advantage for their companies in wireless product development, developers need to understand how wireless technologies work, what impact they have on applications being developed, and how to use...» more details

Plant Breeding Reviews
321.3 USD
ISBN: 9780471387886

Plant Breeding Reviews presents state of the art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops...» more details

Handbook of Public Water Systems
247.5 USD
ISBN: 9780471292111

Public water systems deliver high quality water to the public. They also present a vast array of problems, from pollution monitoring and control to the fundamentals of hydraulics and pipe fitting....» more details

Horticultural Reviews
321.3 USD
ISBN: 9780471387909

Horticultural Reviews is an ongoing series presenting state of the art review articles on research in the production of commercial horticultural crops: vegetables, fruits, nuts, and ornamental plants of commercial importance....» more details

The Last Lone Inventor
14.99 USD
ISBN: 9780060935597

In a story that is both of its time and timeless, Evan I. Schwartz tells a tale of genius versus greed, innocence versus deceit, and independent brilliance versus corporate arrogance. Many...» more details

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging
131.35 USD
ISBN: 9780471253914

Over the last decade, advances in science and technology have profoundly changed the face of light microscopy. Research scientists need to learn new skills in order to use a modern research...» more details

Total Area Networking
172.8 USD
ISBN: 9780471984641

Total Area Networking ATM,IP, Frame Relay and SMDS Explained Second Edition John Atkins and Mark Norris BT, UK Total Area Networking explains how high speed communications allow local facilities to become...» more details

Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications
85.46 USD
ISBN: 9780471986249

The one stop reference for developers and users * Over 2,500 references and 35 illustrations * Explains new and emerging technologies * * Bridges the gap between definition and explanation *...» more details

CDMA: Access and Switching
259.2 USD
ISBN: 9780471491842

Taking a close look at an integral part of next generation wireless communications, this book presents SS/CDMA system architecture (Satellite Switched Code Division Multiple Access) and its various communications services. TDMA...» more details

Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture
15.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253338693

"Hickman['s]... style of pragmatism provides us with flexible, philosophical 'tools' which can be used to analyze and penetrate various technology and technological cultural problems of the present. He, himself, uses this...» more details

Annual Reports in Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity
239 USD
ISBN: 9789072199232

Combinatorial chemistry and molecular diversity approaches to scientific inquiry and novel product R&D have exploded in the 1990s! For example, in the preparation of drug candidates, the automated, permutational, and combinatorial...» more details

Amelia Earhart
14.99 USD
ISBN: 9781439164662

When Amelia Earhart disappeared on July 2, 1937, she was flying the longest leg of her around the world flight and was only days away from completing her journey. Her plane...» more details

Telecommunications Optimization
311.4 USD
ISBN: 9780471988557

Written in an accessible and easy to read style, this cutting edge book presents advanced solutions to current and future telecommunications optimization problems. The field of telecommunications is growing and changing...» more details

ATM Signalling
249.3 USD
ISBN: 9780471623823

This hands on book focuses on the practical aspects of ATM signalling that network engineers and designers will need to know now and in the foreseeable future. It covers the basic...» more details

Fundamentals of RF Circuit Design
119.7 USD
ISBN: 9780471497936

The art of RF circuit design made simple..... Radio Frequency circuits are the fundamental building blocks in a vast array of consumer electronics and wireless communication devices. Jeremy Everard's unique combination...» more details

Where Wizards Stay Up Late
11.99 USD
ISBN: 9780684832678

Twenty five years ago, it didn't exist. Today, twenty million people worldwide are surfing the Net. Where Wizards Stay Up Late is the exciting story of the pioneers responsible for creating...» more details

Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection
210.6 USD
ISBN: 9780471492870

Adaptive filtering is a branch of digital signal processing which enables the selective enhancement of desired elements of a signal and the reduction of undesired elements. Change detection is another kind...» more details

Designing the Total Area Network
163.8 USD
ISBN: 9780471851950

Tackles the many issues surrounding one of the most important assets in any company: its network. Modern networks need to be fast and effective to meet the ever increasing need to...» more details

Programming Lego Mindstorms with Java
31.95 USD
ISBN: 9781928994558

Lego robots! The first book that teaches you to program Lego Mindstorms using Java Lego Mindstorms are a new generation of Lego Robots that can be manipulated using microcomputers, light and...» more details

Weed Science
192.56 USD
ISBN: 9780471370512

The updated edition of the classic, fundamental book on weed science Weed Science provides a detailed examination of the principles of integrated weed management with important details on how chemical herbicides...» more details

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics
144 USD
ISBN: 9780471059677

Provides all necessary equations, tables, and charts as well as self tests. Included chapters cover reaction propulsion systems and real gas effects. Written and organized in a manner that makes it...» more details

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