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Gun Control
54 USD
ISBN: 9780816056606

Each volume of the Library in a Book series is carefully designed to be a complete first stop resource for research on important issues and events, many of which strongly affect...» more details

Global Monitoring Report 2007 (Overview)
19.99 USD
ISBN: 9780821371213

The 2007 Global Monitoring Report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) assesses the contributions of developing countries, developed countries, and international financial institutions toward meeting universally agreed development commitments. Fourth in...» more details

Service and Therapy Dogs in American Society
49.95 USD
ISBN: 9780398079321

This well written and informative book has become the standard on the uses and laws regarding therapy and service dogs. With the expansion of new service dog types, a greater complexity...» more details

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist
22.95 USD
ISBN: 9780875868257

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist seeks to show how governmental deceit and (corporate controlled) media silence have combined to keep the public misinformed about shocking events in American history. In the...» more details

The Ecuadorian Highlands
7.99 USD
ISBN: 1588438023

Ecuador's Avenue of the Volcanoes is the backbone of the Central Highlands, a long and beautiful stretch of eternal mountain views. Snow capped volcanoes peer through layers of mist and each...» more details

Crime Beat
12.08 USD
ISBN: 9781742371788

Stranger than fiction and every bit as gripping, this non fiction collection contains an introduction by Michael Connelly and an afterword by Michael Carlson....» more details

The Right Mistakes
12.8 USD
ISBN: 9789814302951

“Today I am 22 years of age. I used to be a person who was working in the complex streets of Geylang and the black market. I was a gangster in...» more details

Prerequisites for Healthy Organizational Change
33 USD
ISBN: 9781608054350

We live in a time where organizational change has become the norm. Organizations are constantly undergoing major restructurings be it outsourcing, downsizing or major reorganizational changes, e.g., team or LEAN implementation....» more details

How Was Life?
73 USD
ISBN: 9789264214064

How was life in 1820, and how has it improved since then? What are the long term trends in global well being? Views on social progress since the Industrial Revolution are...» more details

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