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Devil's Bride
7.99 USD
ISBN: 9780380794560

When Devil, the most infamous member of the Cynster family, is caught in a compromising position with plucky governess Honoria Wetherby, he astonishes the entire town by offering his hand in...» more details

Once Again a Princess
ISBN: 9780759915909

ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS is a modern fairy tale with its roots in the recent de centralization of Eastern Europe. Jo, a princess in exile, is more comfortable in blue jeans...» more details

The Wicked Proposal
ISBN: 9780451172341

The beautiful and wealthy Lady Penelope Winthrop was searching for a husband one who would marry her and then leave her alone. The dashing and cynical Earl of Harford was willing...» more details

4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587494760

The earl is dead and the will is missing. His penniless widow and his stepson conduct a desperate search, while his greedy nephew does all he can to thwart them....» more details

The Visitor
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495311

Shape shifter or clone? Which has returned Rebecca Tierney's husband's body to her nine months after he was cremated? THE VISITOR searches an old Victorian house perched on the bluffs of...» more details

Heaven's Blue
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587494468

Samantha Lyons, abducted by her father as a child, has finally come home to Clam Creek, a sleepy little town on the marsh in New Jersey. However, she needs an assistant...» more details

Building Passion
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495953

Jacqui Belpre has her hands full, running the home building business she inherited from her parents and riding herd on her teenaged brother Kyle and sister Janice. She doesn't know how...» more details

Highland Honor
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495861

Highland Honor is a story of courage and passion, transcending the highlands and uniting a courageous English noblewoman with a bold Scottish clansman....» more details

In Pursuit of Love
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495716

When Jack's and Margie's worlds collide in a traffic mishap, it throws them into an adventure that Uncle Bonny would surely disapprove of, one that Margie would do anything to keep...» more details

Grave Future
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495775

DRAGGED INTO DANGER. When Jocelyn Hunter is stranded in an isolated cabin with an antagonistic stranger, she has no idea of the danger that awaits her. Will she be able to...» more details

4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495946

The moment wealthy young widow Savannah Knight meets Napoleon Falconer sparks fly between them. But Savannah is the mysterious Madame of the La Hibicus Rouge bordello in New Orleans, a safe...» more details

Surrey Secret
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495813

Duty weighs heavy on Kenward Dunleigh. He desires a warm, caring lady who appreciates him for himself, not his title or wealth. In his secret job as a government agent, he...» more details

Trust Me
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495908

Sonya Mitchell thought she'd figured out how to fit into the active team her controller had assigned her to. It wasn't easy, but the guys were finally starting to believe she...» more details

Out of Reach
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495686

Anna was a bodyguard, and a darned good one. How was she to know that she would end up protecting the man she would fall in love with? But it just...» more details

4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495996

Neanderthals are extinct... aren't they? Smart, sophisticated modern day Vivian thinks they are. Then why is she falling hopelessly in love with him?...» more details

To Love A Gambler
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587495724

Can a man wanted for murder and a woman who has only experienced pain and hardship find love in Montana Territory? Or will the fear of their pasts destroy the only...» more details

Round Table Magician
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587496318

A puckish young lady challenges the magician sent to find stolen military secrets with her outrageous snooping techniques....» more details

Janus is a Two-Faced Moon
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587495939

Her family or her world? Who dies is up to Blade Sinclair, but how can she possibly choose?...» more details

The Other Face of Love
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496003

Carolina is a single mother raising her two children, and determined to never fall in love again. But she meets the dashing professor from Cuba, Gonzalo Sevilla, and life takes a...» more details

The Lute and the Liar
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587496301

Digan has an angel's voice and a liar's tongue. He sets out to become a legend; but instead learns that true love is worth any sacrifice....» more details

Daughter of Trade
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587494922

Trade and title can have no common ground. Manufacturer's daughter Dinah Driffield believes it; aristocrat Sebastian Delamain, Viscount Holly does not. Somehow he must teach her that love breaks all the...» more details

Broken Gods
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496046

The thrilling sequel to Glass Souls and House of Memory! The Mongols are conquering the Middle East, and Sir Roland D'Agincourt, once a young Crusader and now a vampire Protector of...» more details

A Temporary Governess
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496143

Clarissa Manning secures a position as a temporary governess to a spoiled young girl after learning her friend's been terrorized by her employer's lustful friend....» more details

Coming Home the Long Way
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496097

Coming Home the Long Way is about second chances, what makes a family, and that home is anywhere that you find your heart's desire....» more details

Grounds For Love
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496038

Jenny Vaughn believed she could never trust a man again, until a stray dog taught her that the rewards of love were worth its risks....» more details

Fragments of Light: Warring Hearts
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587496356

A stolen Picasso, betrayal, and loss... Nothing will stop Richard Hart from finding out the truth, but will it destroy hischance to reclaim Claire's heart?...» more details

4.99 USD
ISBN: 158749552X

In Book Two of the Destiny's Dreamers series, JOURNEY, Jack and Kaylith face their worst fears as they prepare to battle the invasion of the Clairvoyants....» more details

Sunset Promises
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496119

Jordan Wilkins threatens Kate Fraser's livelihood and that of those dear to her with the new mall he's building. She wants to stop him, but how do a fight a man...» more details

Rebel Heart
4.99 USD
ISBN: 9781587496400

In a world bound by superstitions and fear, two people develop a bond that will last an eternity and begin to bring peace to the land....» more details

Summers Love
4.99 USD
ISBN: 1587496135

This determined bachelor still might have a chance at the single life, if only he can stop himself from falling in love with his wife....» more details

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