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Why Buddhism?
24.5 USD
ISBN: 9780007131464

A series of in depth accounts exploring the lives and spiritual journeys of fifteen western Buddhists from the famous to the ordinary. Why Buddhism? is a series of interviews...» more details

Our Lives As Torah
30.99 USD
ISBN: 9780787944735

In this powerful book, Carol Ochs shows us how to develop a personal theology by examining our life stories, learning to recognize God at work in them, and bringing them into...» more details

Trusting the Spirit
24.5 USD
ISBN: 9780787951603

Can renewal and reform groups rekindle spiritual vitality and fervor in today's religious institutions? The call to revive one's faith fills more pages of the Christian and Jewish scriptures than any...» more details

A New Kind of Christian
12.99 USD
ISBN: 9780470248409

A Leadership Network Publication A New Kind of Christian 's conversation between a pastor and his daughter's high school science teacher reveals that wisdom for life's most pressing spiritual questions can...» more details

Companion to Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy
18.35 USD
ISBN: 9780253339461

Companion to Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy Edited by Charles E. Scott, Susan Schoenbohm, Daniela Vallega Neu, and Alejandro Vallega A key to unlocking one of Heidegger's most difficult and important works....» more details

21 Bridges to the Twenty-First Century
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687426645

The past five decades have altered the role of the churches. The third millennium will bring an even more radically different context for ministry....» more details

44 Questions for Church Planters
ISBN: 9780687132843

Answers the question 'Why start new churches?' and shows how to reverse the decline of new church development. Schaller offers tested advice based on more than thirty years of working with...» more details

44 Steps Up Off the Plateau
ISBN: 9780687132911

Lyle E. Schaller defines a 'plateau' as a stagnant holding point in the size and energy of a congregation a level at which energy is focused entirely on maintenance...» more details

44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance
ISBN: 9780687132874

Are you still suffering over the sight of empty pews? Have your efforts been more than exhaustive in expanding your congregation? Have you maximized your brainstorming potential for bringing in new...» more details

A Place to Pray
12 USD
ISBN: 9780687025749

In many ways the Lord's Prayer is the most fundamental of all Christian prayers....» more details

Can We Talk?
ISBN: 9780687084166

Those who serve on mission fields in areas where Christian faith is not the dominant religion quickly come to understand a central truth: when one is sharing the gospel, one must...» more details

Daily Praise and Prayer
ISBN: 9780687019816

If your objective is to learn to pray, or to pray without ceasing, consider this simple but effective tool. Daily Praise and Prayer is an ideal eBook to carry with you,...» more details

Dinosaur Heart Transplants
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687084661

Many mainline churches make the mistake of thinking that in order to get off the plateau or reverse the decline they must become something that they are not. Often that change...» more details

Discontinuity and Hope
12 USD
ISBN: 9780687085392

Giving examples of large scale changes that have occurred during the past three decades, Schaller helps church leaders embrace new challenges and opportunities for ministry....» more details

Growing Spiritual Redwoods
12 USD
ISBN: 9780687336005

Growing Spiritual Redwoods is an effort to help church leaders answer the kinds of questions that confront congregations and Christians in this era of rapid and uncertain change in the church....» more details

Innovations in Ministry
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687271054

Asserting that the good news greatly exceeds the bad news, Innovations in Ministry celebrates what's working in American Protestantism. Lyle E. Schaller identifies the new, emerging models for ministry, with heavy...» more details

12 USD
ISBN: 9780687055623

Provides a conceptual framework for asking questions about congregations, and classifies syndromes that prevent a church from making the changes that are needed for new life....» more details

Kicking Habits
14 USD
ISBN: 9780687049349

An upgrade to the ground breaking book that has shown thousands of congregations how to overcome the destructive attitudes and systems that prevent them from focusing on their true mission: making...» more details

Looking in the Mirror
ISBN: 9780687226351

Looking in the Mirror provides a conceptual framework for church self appraisal that can be a key factor in determining that reality and overcoming the passivity that blights so many congregations...» more details

Move Your Church to Action
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687031344

In this helpful book, Kent R. Hunter provides clear, practical guidance not only on how to diagnose the difficulties a church is experiencing, but also on how to implement simple, direct...» more details

Multiple Staff and the Larger Church
ISBN: 9780687272976

Larger churches are different in expectations, in performance, in staffing, and in use of lay volunteers. Their unique differences require special handling. And that's what this first of its kind book...» more details

New Reformation
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687014743

Of Lyle Schaller's 21 signs of the New Reformation, here are five: (1) a new era in Christian music; (2) hundreds of new information resources for congregations, including parachurches, teaching churches,...» more details

Pastor and the People
ISBN: 9780687301355

How can the pastor and the congregation best forge a dynamic and productive partnership? What do the most successful churches do to maximize their effectiveness?...» more details

Prayers for the Seasons of God's People, Year C
12 USD
ISBN: 9780687336012

Pastors and worship leaders know that one encounters God through the reading of Scripture in worship. They sometimes have difficulty, however, in integrating the day's readings from the lectionary with the...» more details

Road Runner
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687021741

'Why should we change?' This book is written for the vast majority of congregations who are cautious, tentative, and ambivalent to change and creative initiatives for mission....» more details

Searching for Seekers
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687005529

Searching for Seekers: Ministry with a New Generation of the Unchurched, by Mary J. Scifres. Containing sample services for different kinds of 'Seeker friendly' worship services....» more details

Seven-Day-A-Week Church
ISBN: 9780687381449

With brillant insight and engaging descriptions, Schaller analyzes and reveals key findings about characteristics of 'megachurches.'...» more details

Small Membership Church
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687387182

For nearly four centuries, the small congregation has been the dominant institutional expression of Protestant Christanity....» more details

Spiritual Entrepreneurs
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687007998

Spiritual Entrepreneurs tells the story of an innovative pastor and leadership team who intentionally led their church to take spiritual risks. By using six principles, renewal can come to any church....» more details

Saint Benedict On the Freeway
10 USD
ISBN: 9780687046102

How can we heal the rift between our daily lives and the sacred? How can we live a life capable of hearing 'the still small voice' of God while experiencing the...» more details

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