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Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy
18 USD
ISBN: 9780198605133

This Dictionary of Astronomy covers everything from black hole to white dwarf. The text includes 4000 entries from astrophysics and cosmology to galaxies and time. Major entries include: Big Bang theory,...» more details

Study Skills For Successful Students
8.14 USD
ISBN: 9781863731188

Studying successfully at high school, college or university requires more than discipline, diligence and determination. Students must also come to grips with a crucial range of essential skills if they wish...» more details

The Real Private Eye Handbook
7.95 USD

The goal of this book is to present a basic outline of what private investigators do, how they do it and how you can do some things for yourself. It is...» more details

Quiet Places of Massachusetts
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556507298

Quiet Places offers you the chance to venture down that 'road not taken.' Accompany native New Englander Michael Tougias down back roads and across fields to secret fishing holes, little known...» more details

Alyawarr to English Dictionary
23.45 USD
ISBN: 9780949659668

The centre of Alyawarr country lies about 200 kilometres to the north east of Alice Springs, a land of spinifex sandhills, mulga plains and low rocky outcrops crossed by the Sandover...» more details

Cruising Alaska
15 USD
ISBN: 9781588431158

In this newest version of the bestselling Cruising Alaska guidebook, Larry Ludmer explores in depth everything you need to know about passenger ships plying the Alaska waterways. Unlike most cruise guidebooks,...» more details

Adventure Guide to Hawaii
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556508417

A comprehensive guide to the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii, Kauai and Oahu by a long time Hawaii resident. Smaller less visited islands are also included. Along with the basics...» more details

Adventure Guide to Bermuda
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556507069

This fascinating archipelago sits isolated in the Atlantic Ocean some 750 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, but it is often considered a 'Caribbean' destination. Its 150 islands...» more details

Romantic Weekends in the Carolinas & the Georgia Coast
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556508547

Does your love life need a pick me up? Are your fires burning low? This exciting book suggests plenty of fun activities from authors who know where to find the most...» more details

The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers
40 USD
ISBN: 9780192141767

This introduction to British women's writing, from the earliest times to the present day, ranges across novelists, poets, playwrights, historians, scientists and translators. It covers, in an A Z sequence, the...» more details

My Other World
11.19 USD
ISBN: 9781865087818

One of Australia's best loved public figures tells the very personal story of her great love for travelling. The coach waiting for us at the airport was driven by Richard. His...» more details

In Search of Adventure
15 USD
ISBN: 9781888729030

These short travel essays from around the globe get to the heart of what the words travel and adventure really mean. In Search of Adventure explores the good, the bad, and...» more details

Adventure Guide to Trinidad & Tobago
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556508868

This Adventure Guide takes you across the nation from mountains and hills to grasslands, savannahs and palm lined beaches, offering the intrepid traveler a ticket to explore. Birdwatchers are drawn by...» more details

Jamaica Landmark Visitors Guide
15 USD
ISBN: 9781901522310

One of many titles in the Landmark Visitors Guide series, a revamp and update of the highly respected Visitors Guides , acknowledged as among the most reliable and useful guides for...» more details

Jamaica Alive!
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556508820

This exciting new addition to the Alive! series takes you to the Jamaica, a land of rushing waterfalls, sandy beaches, massive rivers and strong cultural roots. 'Dawn to Dusk' sections focus...» more details

Romantic Escapes in the Caribbean
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556509148

Romance and the Caribbean go hand in hand. How could they not, with sunny days, sultry nights, perfect beaches, tropical splendor, and more fun than could be had in a lifetime?...» more details

Barbados Landmark Visitors Guide
15 USD
ISBN: 9781901522327

One of many titles in the Landmark Visitors Guide series, a revamp and update of the highly respected Visitors Guides , acknowledged as among the most reliable and useful guides for...» more details

Argentina Travel Companion
15 USD
ISBN: 9780958749817

The most comprehensive guide to Argentina ever written, this 1,000 page gem covers the country from top to toe. Over 2,500 locations are profiled mountains, rivers, preserves, villages, historic...» more details

Miami & the Florida Keys Alive!
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556509131

Are you looking for a day at the beach or a night on the town? Do you want to sail the Intracoastal Waterway by day or to cruise South Beach by...» more details

Romantic Weekends America's Southwest
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556508233

A selection of recommended inns, delightful restaurants, resorts, festivals, the best places to stroll together under the stars or have a secluded champagne picnic the most romantic places in the Southwest....» more details

Cruising the Caribbean
15 USD
ISBN: 9781556507991

As pursers on a major cruise line, the authors of this book were constantly bombarded with the same questions from cruise ship passengers: Where's the nearest beach? Do I have to...» more details

Antigua and Barbuda Landmark Visitors Guide
15 USD
ISBN: 9781901522020

Area by area tours highlight in town sights and attractions, including art galleries, museums, historic buildings and churches. They also lead you out into the Caribbean countryside, with recommended stops en...» more details

The Bahamas Landmark Visitors Guide
15 USD
ISBN: 9781901522006

Island touring itineraries take you through towns and villages, into the hills and alongside shimmering lakes. You'll visit museums, historic buildings, beautiful churches and perhaps stop to join in local celebrations....» more details

The Mental Health Desk Reference
54 USD
ISBN: 9780471395720

A practical, easy to use, and comprehensive reference for mental health professionals The Mental Health Desk Reference is the ultimate guide to effective and responsible mental health practice. It provides authoritative,...» more details

Useless Sexual Trivia
10.99 USD
ISBN: 9780684859279

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Never Knew to Ask Did you know that in Middle Eastern Islamic countries it is not only a sin but also a...» more details

The New York Public Library Amazing U.S. Geography
11.5 USD
ISBN: 9780471392941

The New York Public Library AMAZING U.S. Geography Follow a chinook over the Rocky Mountains. Trace the course of the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Discover where...» more details

Shark Tales
10.99 USD
ISBN: 9780684857282

QUESTION: How many lawyers does it take to finish the roof of a two thousand square foot house with dormers? ANSWER: Depends on how thin you slice them. Lawyers, and, more...» more details

George W. Bushisms
9.99 USD
ISBN: 9780743222228

They misunderestimated me." Or did they? Judge for yourself. Here are over 100 memorable misstatements by our syntactically challenged president, collected, annotated, and introduced by Slate magazine's Jacob Weisberg. "I know...» more details

The A to Z of Mathematics
115.2 USD
ISBN: 9780471150459

Forget the jargon. Forget the anxiety. Just remember the math. In this age of cheap calculators and powerful spreadsheets, who needs to know math? The answer is: everyone. Math is all...» more details

Community-Based Research and Higher Education
43.2 USD
ISBN: 9780787962050

Community Based Research and Higher Education is the long awaited guide to how to incorporate a powerful and promising new form of scholarship into academic settings. The book presents a model...» more details

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