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University Looks at its Program
67.5 USD
ISBN: 9780816600946

No Description Available...» more details

Calvo Clause
72 USD
ISBN: 9780816601196

The Calvo Clause was first published in 1955. The Calvo Clause and the Calvo Doctrine from which it stems concern a controversial issue in Latin American relations. This account, therefore, is...» more details

Vocational Interests of Non-Professional Men
60 USD
ISBN: 9780816602551

In contrast to most psychological research about occupational interests and related achievement, which has centered on professional and managerial occupations, the study reported here deals with the vocational interests of skilled...» more details

Word Association Norms
75 USD
ISBN: 9780816603152

In an effort to stimulate research and to provide raw materials for a wide variety of behavior studies, the authors present a complete tabulation of the responses of 4,500 subjects, ranging...» more details

Libel and Academic Freedom
72 USD
ISBN: 9780816604715

No Description Available...» more details

From ILO Standards to EU Law
159 USD
ISBN: 9789004157187

The impact of universal ILO standards on equality of men and women at work on European Union directives. European legislation and the case law of the European Court of Justice are...» more details

Examining Practice, Interrogating Theory
152 USD
ISBN: 9789004165182

Legal transplantation and reform in the name of globalisation is central to the transformation of Asian legal systems. The contributions toExamining Practice, Interrogating Theory: Comparative Legal Studies in Asiaanalyse particular legal...» more details

Sustainable Development as a Principle of International Law
208 USD
ISBN: 9789004166974

This volume provides a framework for the doctrinal foundation of sustainable development as a principle of integration in international law. The work departs from the fragmented nature of the international legal...» more details

Storytimes with a Combination of Props
10 USD
ISBN: 083899704X

This minibook presents one type of craft pulled from Faurot's popular ALA Classic "Books in Bloom."...» more details

Storytimes with a Stick and Rod Puppets
10 USD
ISBN: 838997058

This minibook presents one type of craft pulled from Faurot's popular ALA Classic "Books in Bloom."...» more details

Storytimes with Finger Puppets
10 USD
ISBN: 838997023

This minibook presents one type of craft pulled from Faurot's popular ALA Classic "Books in Bloom."...» more details

Storytimes with Flannel and Felt Boards
10 USD
ISBN: 838997031

This minibook presents one type of craft pulled from Faurot's popular ALA Classic "Books in Bloom."...» more details

Leren of ontberen?
12 USD
ISBN: 9789056295424

Onderwijsinstitutionele kenmerken zoals de selectie van leerlingen in verschillende stromen, de leeftijd waarop dit gebeurt en de beroepsorintatie van leerlingen variren sterk tussen landen. Er is vanuit de vergelijkende stratificatieliteratuur al...» more details

Keeping the Peace
30 USD
ISBN: 9780791069615

Discusses the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States and the nation's response with military action and a declaration of war on terrorism....» more details

Waste Treatment
48 USD
ISBN: 9780816072040

Defines the different classifications of materials that are treated today in waste management, including one of the most important concepts called "waste stream"....» more details

Things Pondered
14.99 USD
ISBN: 9780805427318

Celebrates treasured moments in every woman's life through an inspiring collection of remembrances of children, Christmas, marriage, trials, friendship, seasons, grace, and above all, God's love....» more details

La technologie médicale hors-limite
12 USD
ISBN: 9782760511446

Doublement ambitieux, l'ouvrage relie un commentaire du travail du plus important juriste francophone moderne, Pierre Legendre, et un problème tragique: celui de pallier par des organes de porc la pénurie des...» more details

Ethics in Forensic Science and Medicine
58.95 USD
ISBN: 9780398070250

This book provides an invaluable source of information for physicians and forensic scientists who are involved as expert witnesses in civil and criminal litigation. Manipulative and opportunistic lawyers can lead an...» more details

Managing Openness
34.99 USD
ISBN: 9780821386316

The global financial crisis triggered a broad reassessment of economic integration policies in developed and developing countries worldwide. The crisis induced collapse in trade was the sharpest ever since World War...» more details

International Financial Reporting Standards
34.99 USD
ISBN: 9780821384282

Now in its sixth edition, and with previous editions translated into 15 languages, this publication gives readers a broad and basic understanding of the key issues for each International Financial Reporting...» more details

Improving Education in the US
23.95 USD
ISBN: 9780875868349

US education is in crisis. This history and analysis of the education system is an essential primer for parents, teachers, and school administrators, as well as parent?teacher organizations, education majors, education...» more details

Water Resources Management VI
744 USD
ISBN: 9781845645144

The growth of human population combined with the irregularity in precipitation and water availability may restrict even further the access to water in certain regions of the world. This problem is...» more details

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768424270

Today's believer is faced with situations unknown fifty, thirty, even twenty years ago. To stand in victory and enter our hour of promotion is to learn how to Strengthen Yourself in...» more details

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768423853

What would life be like with no fear? If you could feel completely at home and at rest in the intimate love of God? We all face two choices in life:...» more details

Releasing Your Potential Expanded Edition
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768424171

Here is a complete, integrated, principles centered approach to releasing the awesome potential trapped within you. If you are frustrated by your dreams, ideas, and visions, this book will show you...» more details

Secrets of the Most Holy Place
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9781560430766

Here is a prophetic parable you will read again and again. The winds of God are blowing, drawing you to His Life within the Veil of the Most Holy Place. There...» more details

Understanding Your Potential Expanded Edition
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768423372

Using the original words of Smith Wigglesworth edited in simple, easy to grasp nuggets Smith Wigglesworth on Prayer, Power, and Miracles will inspire, motivate and shed insight on the...» more details

The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768420470

In this engaging and authoriative work you will learn the key to maximizing your full life on earth, why God placed man in the garden of Eden, The purpose and priority...» more details

Chinese Schools in Peninsular Malaysia
59.9 USD
ISBN: 9789814279215

The history of modern Chinese schools in Peninsular Malaysia is a story of conflicts between Chinese domiciled there and different governments that happened or happen to rule the land. Before the...» more details

40 Days to Discovering God's Big Idea for you Life
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768427301

This 40 day devotional and journal is based on the exciting Kingdom of God series by best selling author Myles Munroe. God's Big Idea shows how God wants to make the...» more details

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