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Student Deferment in Selective Service
60 USD
ISBN: 9780816600823

Student Deferment in Selective Service was first published in 1952. What dies "student deferment" mean? Is is an exemption or a postponement of military service? Why did our government adopt the...» more details

Admiral von Hipper
102 USD
ISBN: 9789060322000

This work aims to constitute an objective analysis of a German World War I naval combat commander within his proper context, by closely defining both the military technical and military political...» more details

Australian Migrant Ships
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9781877058400

In 1945 Arthur Calwell announced a new immigration policy for Australia requiring an influx of 70,000 migrants a year, and it was hoped that all of them would come from Britain....» more details

Whose Army? Afghanistan’s Future and the Blueprint for Civil War
22.95 USD
ISBN: 9781628940541

As Western troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the Afghan National Army (ANA) has been tasked with securing the country. Having broken the system that was in place, the US and NATO are...» more details

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