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Fabulous Fractions
12.99 USD
ISBN: 9780471369813

Don't Just Learn Fractions ...Master Them! Brimming with fun and educational games and activities, the Magical Math series provides everything you need to know to become a master of mathematics! In...» more details

Measurement Mania
13.99 USD
ISBN: 9780471369806

Don't Just Learn Measurement.Master It! Brimming with fun and educational games and activities, the Magical Math series provides everything you need to know to become a master of mathematics! In each...» more details

The Puzzle Instinct
15.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253340948

One of the most famous anagrams of all time was constructed in the Middle Ages. The unknown author contrived it as a Latin dialogue between Pilate and Jesus. Jesus' answer to...» more details

Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics
171.9 USD
ISBN: 9780470120699

Designed to help motivate the learning of advanced calculus by demonstrating its relevance in the field of statistics, this successful text features detailed coverage of optimization techniques and their applications in...» more details

Convexity and Optimization in Rn
170.1 USD
ISBN: 9780471352815

A comprehensive introduction to convexity and optimization in Rn This book presents the mathematics of finite dimensional constrained optimization problems. It provides a basis for the further mathematical study of convexity,...» more details

Methods of Multivariate Analysis
161.1 USD
ISBN: 9780471418894

Amstat News asked three review editors to rate their top five favorite books in the September 2003 issue. Methods of Multivariate Analysis was among those chosen. When measuring several variables on...» more details

A First Course in Stochastic Models
80.1 USD
ISBN: 9780471498803

The field of applied probability has changed profoundly in the past twenty years. The development of computational methods has greatly contributed to a better understanding of the theory. A First Course...» more details

172.8 USD
ISBN: 9780471262961

A mathematical gemfreshly cleaned and polished This book is intended to be used as the text for a first course in combinatorics. the text has been shaped by two goals, namely,...» more details

Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415024839

Wittgenstein's role was vital in establishing mathematics as one of this century's principal areas of philosophic inquiry. In this book, the three phases of Wittgenstein's reflections on mathematics are viewed as...» more details

Advances in Stability Theory at the End of the 20th Century
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415269629

This volume presents surveys and research papers on various aspects of modern stability theory, including discussions on modern applications of the theory, all contributed by experts in the field. The volume...» more details

Linear and Quasilinear Complex Equations of Hyperbolic and Mixed Types
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415269711

This volume deals with first and second order complex equations of hyperbolic and mixed types. Various general boundary value problems for linear and quasilinear complex equations are investigated in detail. To...» more details

Theory of Generalized Inverses Over Commutative Rings
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415272483

The theory of generalized inverses of real or complex matrices has been expertly developed and documented. But the generalized inverses of matrices over rings have received comprehensive treatment only recently. In...» more details

Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Random Structures
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415272537

Nonlinear systems with random structures arise quite frequently as mathematical models in diverse disciplines. This monograph presents a systematic treatment of stability theory and the theory of stabilization of nonlinear systems...» more details

Oscillation Theory for Second Order Dynamic Equations
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415300742

The qualitative theory of dynamic equations is a rapidly developing area of research. In the last 50 years, the Oscillation Theory of ordinary, functional, neutral, partial and impulsive differential equations, and...» more details

Calculus with Complex Numbers
49.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415308465

This practical treatment explains the applications complex calculus without requiring the rigor of a real analysis background. The author explores algebraic and geometric aspects of complex numbers, differentiation, contour integration, finite...» more details

Lectures On Lie Groups
20.02 USD
ISBN: 9789810235222

This invaluable book provides a concise and systematic introduction to the theory of compact connected Lie groups and their representations, as well as a complete presentation of the structure and classification...» more details

Regression And Time Series Model Selection
52.78 USD
ISBN: 9789810232429

This important book describes procedures for selecting a model from a large set of competing statistical models. It includes model selection techniques for univariate and multivariate regression models, univariate and multivariate...» more details

The Geometry of Hamilton and Lagrange Spaces
89 USD
ISBN: 9780792369264

The title of this book is no surprise for people working in the field of Analytical Mechanics. However, the geometric concepts of Lagrange space and Hamilton space are completely new. The...» more details

Abels Theorem in Problems and Solutions
109 USD
ISBN: 9781402021862

Do formulas exist for the solution to algebraical equations in one variable of any degree like the formulas for quadratic equations? The main aim of this book is to give new...» more details

Introducing Game Theory and its Applications
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9781584883005

The mathematical study of games is an intriguing endeavor with implications and applications that reach far beyond tic tac toe, chess, and poker to economics, business, and even biology and politics....» more details

Sets, Functions, and Logic
72.95 USD
ISBN: 9781138466883

Keith Devlin. You know him. You've read his columns in MAA Online, you've heard him on the radio, and you've seen his popular mathematics books. In between all those activities and...» more details

Referential Opacity and Modal Logic
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415938518

This landmark dissertation (1961) provides a systematic introduction to systems of modal logic and stands as the first presentation of what have become central ideas in philosophy of language and metaphysics,...» more details

A.D. Alexandrov
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415298025

A.D. Alexandrov is considered by many to be the father of intrinsic geometry, second only to Gauss in surface theory. That appraisal stems primarily from this masterpiece now available in...» more details

Fundamentals of Matrix Computations
135.9 USD
ISBN: 9780471213949

A significantly revised and improved introduction to a critical aspect of scientific computation Matrix computations lie at the heart of most scientific computational tasks. For any scientist or engineer doing large...» more details

Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires
90.86 USD
ISBN: 9780471458418

The definitive resource for survey questionnaire testing and evaluation Over the past two decades, methods for the development, evaluation, and testing of survey questionnaires have undergone radical change. Research has now...» more details

Generalized Least Squares
173.7 USD
ISBN: 9780470866979

Generalised Least Squares adopts a concise and mathematically rigorous approach. It will provide an up to date self contained introduction to the unified theory of generalized least squares estimations, adopting a...» more details

Order Statistics
167.4 USD
ISBN: 9780471389262

A completely revised and expanded edition of a classic resource In the over twenty years since the publication of the Second Edition of Order Statistics, the theories and applications of this...» more details

Nonoscillation and Oscillation Theory for Functional Differential Equations
335 USD
ISBN: 9780824758455

This book summarizes the qualitative theory of differential equations with or without delays, collecting recent oscillation studies important to applications and further developments in mathematics, physics, engineering, and biology. The authors...» more details

Algebra And Number Theory
255 USD
ISBN: 9780824703417

This study demonstrates the key manipulations surrounding Brauer groups, graded rings, group representations, ideal classes of number fields, p adic differential equations, and rationality problems of invariant fields displaying...» more details

A First Graduate Course in Abstract Algebra
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780824756277

Since abstract algebra is so important to the study of advanced mathematics, it is critical that students have a firm grasp of its principles and underlying theories before moving on to...» more details

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