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Perilous Balance
60 USD
ISBN: 9780816600410

No Description Available...» more details

Better than Laughter
60 USD
ISBN: 9780816600427

Better than Laughter was first published in 1946. This first collection of the poems of Mildred Louise Boie reflects the free and perceptive spirit of a young woman who followed a...» more details

60 USD
ISBN: 9780816600458

The Diver was first published in 1947. Although this is the first published collection of the poetry of E. L. Mayo, thirty poems in this volume were published previously in such...» more details

Sir Thomas Browne
67.5 USD
ISBN: 9780816600588

This original and perceptive study of the writings of the great seventeenth century author of Religio Medici offers the general reader a view of the intellectual world of Browne’s time, and...» more details

Washington Irving’s Contributions to the Corrector
60 USD
ISBN: 9780816604920

This volume makes available, for the first time in collected form, a series of sketches by Washington Irving which were published anonymously in a political newspaper, The Corrector, in 1804. The...» more details

10.5 USD
ISBN: 9789056295042

Over deze relatiemedia cq customer media gaat mijn inaugurele rede "Ver BINDING". Centraal staat de rol die customer media spelen bij het opbouwen en het verstevigen van relaties tussen mensen en...» more details

Audun and the Polar Bear
130 USD
ISBN: 9789004168114

Audun's Story is the tale of an Icelandic farmhand who buys a polar bear in Greenland for no other reason than to give it to the Danish king, half a world...» more details

Edwardian and Georgian Fiction
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791083192

A comprehensive view of the major literary movements in Western history An introduction by Harold Bloom and a selection of critical essays provides scholarly analysis on the major writers and...» more details

Elizabethan Drama
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791076750

Presents critical essays which discuss the writers and literary works of the Elizabethan era, and includes a chronology of the cultural, political, and literary events of the period....» more details

English Romantic Poetry
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791076804

From Blake to Coleridge, and Wordsworth to Shelley, this volume provides a critical overview on the poets who defined the English Romantic period. Specific topics such as the forms and characteristics...» more details

Modern American Drama
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791082386

Modern American drama has had a lean history in comparison to the other arts, gaining prominence in the early twentieth century. Eugene O'Neill launched its emergence, combining naturalism, expressionism, and Greek...» more details

Modern American Poetry
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791082379

The essays collected in this volume survey the major works of modern American poetry, from magnificent epics like Hart Crane's "The Bridge" and Wallace Stevens's "Auroras of Aurmn," to such central...» more details

The Eighteenth Century English Novel
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791078969

A comprehensive view of the major literary movements in Western history An introduction by Harold Bloom and a selection of critical essays provides scholarly analysis on the major writers and...» more details

The Victorian Novel
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791076781

Victorian England produced some of the greatest novelists in Western history, including Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, and George Eliot. Critical analysis focuses on the development of the Victorian novel though the...» more details

Lord of the Flies
36 USD
ISBN: 9781604138146

In this adventure story about a group of schoolboys stranded on a deserted island, William Golding explores the dark side of humanity and the savagery that surfaces when social structure is...» more details

Choosing to Wait
16.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768427400

This book goes beyond boundary setting, and instead empowers parents to cultivate convictions in their children so they can stand strong when faced with temptation. While other books focus on modifying...» more details

Projections of Paradise.
60 USD
ISBN: 9401200335

Paradise is commonly imagined as a place of departure or arrival, beginning and closure, permanent inhabitation of which, however much desired, is illusory. This makes it the dream of the traveller,...» more details

Quito Ecuador & Its Surroundings
7.99 USD
ISBN: 1588438015

Welcome to Quito, the city of eternal spring, bridge to Ecuador's past, and your gateway city. Even if you are not much of a city person, this World Heritage Site has...» more details

Fall from Grace
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768423600

  "GRACE fights the lump RISING in her throat. For a MOMENT she is LOST in thought, remembering WHAT IT HAS TAKEN to get TO THIS POINT..." Grace Cambridge is a...» more details

Chasing the Avatar
15.99 USD
ISBN: 9780768428247

Maya is a young woman with extraordinary prospects drowning in intense discontent. In the midst of this discontent, she meets Cha Ma, a guru. Immediately, she comes to believe that Cha...» more details

Critical Companion to J.R.R. Tolkien
75 USD
ISBN: 9780816077946

J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the most popular writers of the 20th century. His two most famous works of fiction, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, have sold hundreds...» more details

American Women Poets
45 USD
ISBN: 9781604139914

American poetry has been shaped and deeply influenced by the wealth of female voices that have contributed to its originality and vivacity through the years. From the colonial era's Phillis Wheatley...» more details

A Christmas Carol
30 USD
ISBN: 9781617530012

Charles Dickens is sometimes called the "man who invented Christmas," and his enduring and much adapted tale has proved a central addition to the literature that has grown up around the...» more details

The Hobbit
30 USD
ISBN: 9781617530036

J.R.R. Tolkien drew on his professorial expertise in Anglo Saxon literature and the early mythology and folklore of Great Britain in creating this popular classic centering on the perils of Bilbo...» more details

The Romantic Poets
45 USD
ISBN: 9781604138719

From William Blake to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and from William Wordsworth to Percy Shelley, this volume provides critical overviews of the poets who defined the English Romantic period. The essays included...» more details

BOM! went the Bear
18.17 USD
ISBN: 9781742376714

BOM! went the Bear is a wonderful, joyous celebration of music and play. Another winning picture book for the very young from the creator of Monkey Red Monkey Blue ....» more details

Narrating Indigenous Modernities.
85.8 USD
ISBN: 9789042034105

The Maori of New Zealand, a nation that quietly prides itself on its pioneering egalitarianism, have had to assert their indigenous rights against the demographic, institutional, and cultural dominance of Pakeha...» more details

Festival in Fire Season
6.99 USD
ISBN: 917990706

Danger fills the air in a North Carolina beach town as wildfires from the surrounding woodlands move closer. In the midst of the growing crisis, the lives of three strangers touch...» more details

The Night Before Mother's Day
9.08 USD
ISBN: 9781742379401

A hilarious poem and cartoons about a mother anticipating the joys of Mother's Day, from two outstanding Australian creators....» more details

What Makes my Mum Happy
11.81 USD
ISBN: 9781742378374

A sweetly appealing gift book that explores the joy of being a child, and of being a mum....» more details

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