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Biographia Literaria, Volume 1
4.95 USD
ISBN: 1598756281

Coleridge worked for many years on his Biographia Literaria (1817), containing accounts of his literary life and critical essays on philosophical and literary subjects. It is the only one of his...» more details

Familiar Studies of Men and Books
4.95 USD
ISBN: 1598756451

The essays that were later published as Familiar Studies of Men and Books (1882) began to appear in the Cornhill Magazine in 1876. The essay was the form in which Stevenson...» more details

Charles S. Peirce's Philosophy of Signs
31.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253337368

[Note: Picture of Peirce available] Charles S. Peirce's Philosophy of Signs Essays in Comparative Semiotics Grard Deledalle Peirce's semiotics and metaphysics compared to the thought of other leading philosophers. "This is...» more details

Chinese Literature in the Second Half of a Modern Century
35.15 USD
ISBN: 9780253337108

"... an important contribution to the study of recent Chinese literature." Choice "This fine, scholarly survey of Chinese literature since 1949... discusses such trends as modernism, nativism, realism,...» more details

13.55 USD
ISBN: 9780253335685

"This excellent work... deserves the serious consideration of all who are interested in contemporary philosophy as well as those who concern themselves with ancient philosophy, especially Plato." Review...» more details

Latin American Women Dramatists
23.99 USD
ISBN: 9780253334619

The book highlights the many possibilities of the innovative work of these dramatists, and this will, it is to be hoped, help the editors to achieve one of their other key...» more details

A Schnittke Reader
19.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253338181

This compilation assembles previously published and unpublished essays by Schnittke and supplements them with an interview with cellist and scholar Alexander Ivashkin. The book is illustrated with musical examples, many of...» more details

Derrida and Husserl
15.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253340498

"[A] magnificent work... that will definitely shape the discussion on Derrida for years to come." Rodolphe Gasch What is the nature of the relationship of Jacques Derrida and...» more details

On Germans and Other Greeks
19.95 USD
ISBN: 9780253338686

On Germans and Other Greeks Tragedy and Ethical Life Dennis J. Schmidt What Greek tragedy and German philosophy reveal about the meaning of art for ethical life. "Schmidt's investigation of tragedy...» more details

American Heritage Book of Great American Speeches for Young People
14.99 USD
ISBN: 9780471389422

The history of the United States has been characterized by fervent idealism, intense struggle, and radical change. And for every critical, defining moment in American history, there were those whose impassioned...» more details

Humour in Anglo-Saxon Literature
99 USD
ISBN: 9780859915762

Essays lay the groundwork for a theory of humour in Old English literature....» more details

Complicatons in Peripheral Vascular Interventions
88 USD
ISBN: 9781841846286

Increasing evidence suggests that particularly in high risk patients, endovascular solutions offer substantial advantages compared to vascular surgical procedures. Nevertheless, growing numbers of procedures are associated with an increased incidence of...» more details

Performing Brecht
51.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415080101

Performing Brecht is an unprecedented history of the productions of Brecht's plays in Britain over forty years. Margaret Eddershaw surveys all aspects of Brecht in performance, from his methodologies to his...» more details

A Sourcebook on Naturalist Theatre
51.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415152280

A Sourcebook on Naturalist Theatre provides essential primary sources which document one of the key movements in modern theatre. Christopher Innes has selected three writers to exemplify the movement, and six...» more details

39 Microlectures
50.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415213929

'A series of accidents has brought you this book. You may think of it not as a book, but as a library, an elevator, an amateur performance in a nearby theatre....» more details

Performing Chekhov
49.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415189347

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....» more details

Theory/Theatre: An Introduction
32.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415161640

Theory/Theatre: An Introduction provides a unique and engaging introduction to literary theory as it relates to theatre and performance. Mark Fortier lucidly examines current theoretical approaches, from semiotics, poststructuralism, to cultural...» more details

Enter The Body
55.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415141635

Enter the Body offers a series of provocative case studies of the work women's bodies do on Shakespeare's intensely body conscious stage. Rutter's topics are sex, death, race, gender, culture, politics,...» more details

The Pinter Ethic
42.95 USD
ISBN: 9780815338864

First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....» more details

Empire's Children
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415515665

Empire's Children looks at works at by Rudyard Kipling, Frances Hodgson Burnett, E. Nesbit, Hugh Lofting, A.A. Milne, and Arthur Ransome for the ways these writers consciously and unconsciously used the...» more details

Mr Price, or Tropical Madness and Metaphysics of a Two- Headed Calf
54.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415275064

The Polish playwright and artist Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, known as Witkacy, is now recognized as Poland's leading theatrical innovator of the interwar years and one of the outstanding creative personalities of...» more details

Aleksandr Blok's Trilogy of Lyric Dramas
59.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415280501

Aleksandr Blok's Trilogy of Lyric Dramas gathers together for the first time in English translation the first three plays by Aleksandr Blok, the pre eminent poet of Russian Symbolism and one...» more details

Keats's Boyish Imagination
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415288828

For many readers, John Keats's achievement is to have attainted a supreme poetic maturity at so young an age. Canonical poems of resignation and acceptance such as 'To Autumn' are traditionally...» more details

Und Sagte Kein Einziges Wort
47.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415006699

Includes the full German text, accompanied by German English vocabulary. Notes and a detailed introduction in English put the work in its social and historical context....» more details

English Novel in History, 1895-1920
47.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415015028

Written especially for students and assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, David Trotter's "The English Novel in History 1895 1920" provides a comprehensive introduction to early 20th century fiction This...» more details

The Rape of the Lock
33.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415039994

First published in 1971. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....» more details

The Poems of Alexander Pope
44.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415040006

The most complete and usable edition of Pope's poetry presenting the corpus of his poetry as printed in the Twickenham edition with Pope's own notes and a selection of the annotations...» more details

William Wordsworth
57.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415034418

The Critical Heritage series collects together a large body of criticism on major figures in literature. Each volume presents the contemporary responses to a particular writer, enabling the student to follow...» more details

Is Shakespeare Still Our Contemporary?
52.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415044042

First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....» more details

Shakespeare and the Question of Theory
47.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415051132

The theoretical ferment which has affected literary studies over the last decade has called into question traditional ways of thinking about, classifying and interpreting texts. Shakespeare has been not just the...» more details

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