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Interval of Freedom
67.5 USD
ISBN: 9780816602025

When Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago was published in Europe and America in 1957 and 1958, the Western world was astonished and elated. But Doctor Zhivago is not the only significant literary...» more details

Dictionary of Arabic and Allied Loanwords
278 USD
ISBN: 9789004168589

A survey of Arabic and allied loanwords in Western languages is a first rate tool to asses the impact of Islamic factors in the emergence and background of Western civilization. The...» more details

Looking Back at al-Andalus
125 USD
ISBN: 9789004166806

Looking Back at al Andalus focuses on Arabic and Hebrew Literature that expresses the loss of al Andalus from multiple vantage points. In doing so, this book examines the definition of...» more details

Greek Drama
54 USD
ISBN: 9780791078945

Presents critical essays which discuss the birth of Greek drama and how the art evolved....» more details

Readings in Creole Studies
120 USD
ISBN: 9789064391637

Creole studies embrace a wide range is disciplines: history, ethnography, geography, sociology, etc. The phenomenon of creolization has come to be recognized as widespread; creolization presupposes contact, and that is a...» more details

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