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Managing Male Ageing
12.99 USD
ISBN: 9789814276085

Men are living longer today but many find that they do not have the energy or capability to enjoy this extra bit of life. Advancing age does not mean having to...» more details

The Diabetes Companion
11.55 USD
ISBN: 9789812615855

The Diabetes Companionis a simple reference guide for the self management of diabetes. It aims to help diabetics take control of their condition and maintain a fulfilling life despite the odds....» more details

99.95 USD
ISBN: 9781846920271

Provides an illustrated, comprehensive review of obesity. An introductory discussion of the definitions of obesity and its epidemiology is followed by a detailed section on pathophysiology and aetiology.Tackles genetic predisposition and...» more details

34.95 USD
ISBN: 9781617530173

Tuberculosis is a serious infection caused most commonly by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium or one of three other organisms of the Mycobacterium genus. Tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs, but the infection...» more details

4.74 USD
ISBN: 9788889688373

Per "iecur", in latino, s’intende fegato, l’organo principe. L’autore analizza alcuni passaggi cruciali e affascinanti della storia dell’epatologia, dalla sua origine fino ai giorni nostri, ove il racconto sfuma in cronaca,...» more details

Molecular Aspects of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection
61 USD
ISBN: 9781608053766

Neurodegenerative diseases are a complex heterogeneous group of diseases associated with site specific premature and slow death of certain neuronal populations in brain and spinal cord tissues. For example, in Alzheimer...» more details

Language Disturbances in Adulthood
49 USD
ISBN: 9781608056811

Language is the most versatile and fascinating of all human cognitive functions, constituting a field of interest in very different areas, from Linguistics to Speech Therapy, from Philosophy to Computational Sciences,...» more details

Advances in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
44 USD
ISBN: 9781608056071

This authoritative reference provides update information on the fundamental aspects and applications of biomaterials and biomedical sciences. It includes nickel titanium alloys with superelasticity and shape memory effect, bioactive bone cement...» more details

Endocrine Disruptors 2011
165 USD
ISBN: 9781847356239

These proceedings cover all the presentations from iSmithers' inaugural Endocrine Disruptors 2011 conference which addressed key topics related to the evaluation of adverse effects on the endocrine system and corresponding regulatory...» more details

Allergy and Clinical Immunology
81 USD
ISBN: 9781118609163

Mount Sinai Expert Guides: Allergy and Clinical Immunology will provide trainees in allergy and immunology with an extremely clinical and accessible handbook covering the major disorders and symptoms, their diagnosis and...» more details

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