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On War
3.49 USD
ISBN: 9781420931822

On War" by Carl Von Clausewitz is a classic work of literature that can be enjoyed by all. Download "On War" and enjoy another quality publication....» more details

Global Development and Poverty Reduction
40 USD
ISBN: 9781845422486

At the beginning of the third millennium, underdevelopment and poverty continue to remain critical problems on a global scale. The purpose of this volume is to explore the various ways in...» more details

The Intruder Bulletins:
5.5 USD
ISBN: 9780759936010

The Intruder Bulletins is the book that started it all on the subject of human cloning, organ theft, pharmaceutical fascism, stem cell research, etc.This provocative volume covers every aspect of human...» more details

Regional Peacekeepers
26.95 USD
ISBN: 9789280810790

This work investigates the Russian military presence in its former Soviet territories to determine whether these forces have been genuine peacekeepers or are a post imperial presence that seeks to maintain...» more details

Future Armies, Future Challenges
40.9 USD
ISBN: 9781865086262

A book of writings by international military experts on the changing nature and the future of land warfare....» more details

Chemical and Biological Warfare
45 USD
ISBN: 1851094873

This work surveys the fundamentals, policies and strategies of chemical and biological warfare in the USA from 1915 to the present. It goes beyond a simple moralistic discussion to present the...» more details

Defense and Security
185 USD
ISBN: 1851097864

An examination of the national security and defense policies of 50 influential nations and regions across the globe. The essays profile the defense and security policies of individual countries and regions,...» more details

85 USD
ISBN: 1851094067

Starting from the late 18th century, this illustrated book tells the history of rifled weapons and ammunition for military use. It shows how faster loading, more accurate rifles changed the battlefield....» more details

The Roman Army
85 USD
ISBN: 185109735X

Offers a portrait of a legendary fighting force in peacetime and at war from a soldier's eye view. Organized thematically, this book explores the army's history, culture, and organization, while providing...» more details

85 USD
ISBN: 1576079961

This is an introduction to the evolution of the tank across the 20th century covering both its capabilities as a weapons system and its strategic use on the battlefield. It includes...» more details

U.S. National Security
45 USD
ISBN: 1576076091

This volume on US national security covers: defense spending; budget cuts; surveillance of spies; Star Wars scenarios; and satellite imaging. It also includes the careers of well known individuals in the...» more details

History in the Media
85 USD
ISBN: 1576079538

Can films tweak the facts and still be faithful to history? How much of what they present as true is inaccurate or distorted? This volume looks at the growing research exploring...» more details

Architectures of Illusion
25 USD
ISBN: 9781841500454

The world of media production is in a state of rapid transformation. In this age of the Internet, interactivity and digital broadcasting, do traditional standards of quality apply or must we...» more details

Climate Change and Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
31.5 USD
ISBN: 9789289013550

A balanced assessment, based on currently available scientific knowledge, of the effects that climate change may have on the environment in Europe and the health of its populations. Written in non...» more details

Ending the Affair
32.95 USD
ISBN: 9780868408644

Examines the state of current affairs television in Australia today by pondering its future, while drawing lessons from the past. The book questions the social and political value of what we...» more details

Media Discourses
42 USD
ISBN: 9780335214693

Introduces readers to discourse analysis to show how media communication works. Written in a lively style and drawing on examples from contemporary media, this work discusses what precisely gets represented in...» more details

Media and Audiences
42 USD
ISBN: 9780335206919

Ranges across a wide literature, taking both a chronological as well as thematic approach, in order to explore the ways in which the audience, as an analytical concept has changed, as...» more details

Defending the Lion City
20.36 USD
ISBN: 9781865081182

The most comprehensive and up to date account of the military capabilities of Singapore: a stable and prosperous city state in a potentially unpredictable region....» more details

The Minefield
17.82 USD
ISBN: 9781741141061

A history of the Australian minefield laid in the Phuc Tuy Province in 1967 that played havoc with Australia's military operations in Vietnam and constituted the greatest tactical blunder in Australian...» more details

Understanding SMART Procurement in the MoD
175 USD
ISBN: 9781854181640

Covers issues related to strategy, organisation and processes. This book focuses on the need to change the culture. Riding on the back of New Labour is a commitment within the high...» more details

In the Hot Zone
14.99 USD
ISBN: 9780061228759

Kevin Sites is a man on a mission. Venturing alone into the dark heart of war, armed with just a video camera, a digital camera, a laptop, and a satellite modem,...» more details

Nuclear Strategy in the Twenty-First Century
125 USD
ISBN: 031300367X

The author of this study argues that nuclear weapons and the psychology of nuclear deterrence will remain important after 2000, but the character of that importance will change. Advanced technology conventional...» more details

Key Themes in Media Theory
44 USD
ISBN: 9780335218134

Offers a critical introduction to the theories of media studies. This book embraces media in their everyday cultural forms music, internet, film, television, radio, newspapers and magazines...» more details

The Media in Italy
42 USD
ISBN: 9780335222858

Framing the media in the context of Italy, this book explores why politics and government are so closely linked, and assess the question of whether it's just national pride that has...» more details

Domestic Cultures
44 USD
ISBN: 9780335222537

Brings together key research and debates on the question of domesticity and shows how understandings of domestic cultures have been theorized in media and cultural studies and wider academic and social...» more details

McGraw-Hill's ASVAB Basic Training for the AFQT, Second Edition
20 USD
ISBN: 9780071632829

From an exam insider, a vital guide to the ASVAB subtests essential to a successful start of your military career Of the eight ASVAB subtests, four word knowledge, paragraph comprehension,...» more details

Using Visual Evidence
42 USD
ISBN: 9780335228645

What do we mean by 'visual evidence'? How should we interpret visual texts, and what can they tell us? Why is 'visual literacy' so important and what benefits does it offer?...» more details

Spoken Image
40 USD
ISBN: 9781861890320

The Spoken Image considers the nature of photography, examining the language used in titles, captions and commentaries, particularly as they relate to documentary photography, photojournalism and fashion photography....» more details

Atlas of American Military History
102 USD
ISBN: 9780816055784

Covers the span of America at war, exploring the personalities, methods, strategies, and historical contexts of each conflict. With color maps accompanied by an insightful textual narrative, this book examines significant...» more details

ISBN: 9780679312796

How a privileged son of Newfoundland became one of the world's most efficient marijuana traffickers and then gave it all up. An intriguing ad ran in the Employment Wanted section of...» more details

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