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36 USD
ISBN: 9781604139006

Snail provides an accessible introduction to the physical characteristics, habits, and behavior of these slow moving creatures. Full color photographs add to the text by giving readers a close up look...» more details

Observer les oiseaux au Québec
16.46 USD
ISBN: 9782920073128

Mettre à la portée de tous les connaissances requises pour l’observation des oiseaux du Québec, tel est l’objet de ce troisième livre de la collection FAIRE. Deux amateurs chevronnés, Normand David...» more details

Molecular and Physiological Basis of Nematode Survival
180 USD
ISBN: 9781845936877

Nematodes are well known for their ability to survive environmental extremes. Their survival mechanisms for cold tolerance, thermobiotic, osmotic and ionic stress mechanisms are presented here together with information on the...» more details

Plant Cells
37.5 USD
ISBN: 9781438138688

Plants may seem like simple organisms, but their complex systems for food production, reproduction, and protection make them some of the most highly adapted living things on the planet. From the...» more details

Stem Cell Research and Other Cell-Related Controversies
37.5 USD
ISBN: 9781438138695

Scientific progress often sparks disputes about the meaning of a discovery, the research methods, and the possible uses of new technology. From the debate about teaching evolution in public schools to...» more details

Pleurotus Nebrodensis
49 USD
ISBN: 9781608058013

First described by Giuseppe Inzenga in 1863 as "the most delicious mushroom of the Sicilian mycological flora", Pleurotus nebrodensis remains today a prized species , especially in the Mediterranean. Pleurotus nebrodensis...» more details

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