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Actions of Architecture
82.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415290425

Drawing on the work of a wide range of architects, artists and writers, this book considers the relations between the architect and the user, which it compares to the relations between...» more details

Theory and Practice in Archaeology
54.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415127776

In this latest collection of his articles, of which seven are written especially for this volume, Ian Hodder captures and continues the lively controversy of the 1980s over symbolic and structural...» more details

Archaeological Theory and Scientific Practice
29.5 USD
ISBN: 9780521790604

This 2001 book considers the divide between 'scientific' and 'theoretical' archaeology, and suggests that they are not necessarily conflicting....» more details

The Archaeology of Elam
60.99 USD
ISBN: 9780521563581

An up to date survey of the archaeology and history of Elam, in the ancient Near East....» more details

8.95 USD
ISBN: 9780192853257

This volume aims to reflect the enduring popularity of archaeology a subject which appeals as a pastime, career, and academic discipline, encompasses the whole globe, and surveys 2.5 million...» more details

Archaeology in Practice
113.36 USD
ISBN: 9780631235736

Archaeology in Practice: A Student Guide to Archaeological Analyses offers students in archaeology laboratory courses a detailed and invaluable how to manual of archaeological methods and provides insight into the breadth...» more details

57.95 USD
ISBN: 9789058095497

The well preserved archaeological site at Oldeholtwolde in the Netherlands was inhabited by a small group of people during the last Ice Age, some 13,000 years ago. This book focuses on...» more details

The Texture of Industry
65 USD
ISBN: 9780195058857

This study looks at the industrialization of North America from the perspective of the industrial archaeologist. Using material evidence, it examines manufacturing technology, transportation systems and the effects of industrialization on...» more details

Water Management in Ancient Greek Cities
184.99 USD
ISBN: 9780195072808

Focusing on the Mediterranean area where water management is crucial, this pioneering study is the first to show how the supply, distribution, and drainage of water contributed to the urbanization of...» more details

44.99 USD
ISBN: 9780521849760

A completely updated and revised edition of the groundbreaking manual on stone artifact analysis, Lithics....» more details

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan. Volume 1, The Iron Age town
303 USD
ISBN: 9789004130128

Located in a strategic position on the southern flank of the Ammonite hill country, the earliest settlement at Tall Jawa dates to the Iron I period (1100 900 BC). This volume...» more details

Style and Function
132 USD
ISBN: 313001324

This text presents theoretical background and case studies that demonstrate how evolutionary definitions of archaeological style and function may be applied to the prehistoric record....» more details

Dangerous Places
132 USD
ISBN: 313001405

A discussion of issues in archaeology health and safety. It highlights the broad range of disease vectors and industrial contaminants that lie silently within American soils as well as information for...» more details

Archaeological Semiotics
124.16 USD
ISBN: 9781405199131

This book explores the multiple ways in which archaeologists give meaning to the past, highlighting debates over the ontological and epistemological status of the discipline and evaluating current responses to these...» more details

The Making of Bronze Age Eurasia
26.99 USD
ISBN: 9780521847803

This book provides an overview of Bronze Age societies of Western Eurasia through an investigation of the archaeological record....» more details

The Archaeology of Identities
47.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415415019

The Archaeology of Identities brings together seventeen seminal articles from this exciting new discipline in one indispensable volume for the first time. Editor Timothy Insoll expertly selects a cross section of...» more details

Between Dirt and Discussion
109 USD
ISBN: 9780387342184

Interpretations of the past are under constant critical scrutiny in archaeology. In recent decades, theoretical views have profoundly changed the conceptions of both "the past" and archaeologists' relationship to this object...» more details

Archaeology of Ancient Australia
52.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415338103

This book is an introduction to the archaeology of Australia from prehistoric times to the eighteenth century AD. It is the only up to date textbook on the subject and is...» more details

Archaeology For Dummies
20.01 USD
ISBN: 9780470337325

An objective guide to this fascinating science of history and culture Archaeology continually makes headlines from recent discoveries like the frozen Copper Age man in the Italian Alps to the...» more details

Animals in Ritual and Economy in a Roman Frontier Community
69.95 USD
ISBN: 9789089640222

This new volume in the acclaimed Amsterdam Archaeological Studies series explores the roles of animals in a rural community in the civitas Batavorum....» more details

Local Identities
65.25 USD
ISBN: 9789053565889

A study of the archaeologies of landscape and community in the Northwest European Plain...» more details

Achaemenid Culture and Local traditions in Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Iran
130 USD
ISBN: 9789004163287

This book contains articles concerning relationship between the imperial' culture of the Achaemenids and local traditions, including a publication of the unique painting from Tatarl? in Western Anatolia and the results...» more details

Schoonheid in water
12 USD
ISBN: 9789056295813

In onze leefomgeving zijn in toenemende mate stoffen te vinden die traditioneel niet als verontreiniging worden beschouwd of eenvoudigweg niet bekend zijn. Zo zijn in het oppervlaktewater en grondwater restanten te...» more details

Op weg naar optimale diagnostiek en behandeling in de Fysiotherapie
12 USD
ISBN: 9789056295820

Fysiotherapie is volop in ontwikkeling; in patintenzorg, in wetenschappelijk onderzoek en in onderwijs. De auteur neemt u met deze lezing mee naar een plaatsbepaling van de fysiotherapie binnen de actuele ontwikkeling...» more details

Evidence Based Nursing
12 USD
ISBN: 9789056295837

Dat goed opgeleide verpleegkundigen nu en in de toekomst hard nodig zijn is niet nieuw. Zeker in academische ziekenhuizen, top klinische centra en teaching hospitals is deze behoefte uitgesproken. Goed opgeleide...» more details

Processual Archaeology
132 USD
ISBN: 031302779X

Presents a collection of work in processual archaeology that represents a wide range of research domains, rather than being focused on a specific topic or style of research....» more details

Cultural Resources Archaeology
41.5 USD
ISBN: 9780759118454

This textbook introduces archaeology students to the field of cultural resources archaeology....» more details

Practicing Archaeology
108 USD
ISBN: 9780759118065

This book is an excellent reference tool for consulting firms, contractors, graduate students, and others who need to know the nuts and bolts of professional archaeology....» more details

33.99 USD
ISBN: 9780521880039

Microarchaeology is about that part of archaeological records not seen by the naked eye, but revealed with instrumentation....» more details

62.95 USD
ISBN: 9780415496384

Archaeology: An Introduction looks behind the popular aspects of archaeology such as the discovery and excavation of sites, the study of human remains and animal bones, radiocarbon dating, museums and 'heritage'...» more details

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